Trendy Hairstyles 2014

Trendy hairstyles 2014 can be really difficult to know at times. We sometimes in run for chasing fashion forget that trend and fashion are sometimes a little different according to your personality. Although we know new hairstyle feels wonderful. Whenever we have new hair cut we are all in love with it feeling beautiful. Trendy hairstyles 2014 are all here for taking our breath away. Whatever your face cut is choosing a perfect hairstyle can make you look extremely ravishing. As we tell you all about trendy hairstyles you just enjoy and find the most suitable one for you.

Trendy Hairstyles 2014

Trendy Hairstyles 2014

Trendy Waves

Every star walking on red carpet doesn’t really have straight hair that can be easily tamed. Some have wavy hair just as you do. Putting your waves into a side parting and pinned on one side will make you look very stunning. This is on top of trendy hairstyles 2014 is you don’t want to spend extra time to style your hair.


Tying your hair into a simple ponytail will do for your trendy hairstyles 2014. It gets quickly styled and goes with every function. It is not that ponytail is for people with straight hair but also people having curly and wavy hair. Ponytail looks elegant and suits almost every face cut.

Trendy Hairstyles 2014 Long Braided Ponytail

Trendy Hairstyles 2014


Trendy hairstyles 2014 include coloring your hair bright. Winter is around the corner and putting colors like platinum and blond will compliment any kind of hair style and face color. Summers require certain to accompany season but it is not with winters. It is time to get bold with colors.

Trendy Hairstyles 2014 Short Choppy color

Trendy Hairstyles 2014

Knots and buns

Top knots and buns are all in fashion when you don’t want a hair out of place. They look classy yet attractive for almost every occasion. Trendy hairstyles 2014 continue to carry old trends of knots with different styles with accessories.


Trendy hairstyles 2014 have braids that are never out of fashion. Braids can be fashioned whenever you want and whichever way. Having fishtails or simple messy braid will look good with every color and face shape. So next time you want to have a trendy look go for braid, it is easy to make and good to look at.

Low Buns

Low buns go for casual as well as formal occasions. Reason of having low buns as trendy hairstyles 2014 is that they are elegant and chic. This style can have your bangs showed off or loose strands. This can give you a sexy look.

Straight Bobs

Lastly trendy hairstyles 2014 to have bobs. They never seem to go out of fashion. No matter what hair structure, texture and color you have bob go with all. Cut your hair into bob long or short, symmetrical or long unruly strands it will always make you look more chic and feminine. Even your curls compliment bob in every way.

Trendy Hairstyles 2014 Bob

Trendy Hairstyles 2014

Trendy hairstyles 2014 are all mix up of what you have seen in previous years with a little dominance towards short hair. In 2014 all you will see is pixie look, soft curls and bobs, untamed waves or chignons. Wet look and long hair are no more what women prefer but you can always fashion them into trendy hairstyles in order to appear at any occasion. Being trendy is of no harm and following the trendy hairstyles 2014 is definitely a good idea if you want to know what are the new experiments then you can do with your hair.

Hairstyles 2014

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