Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014

Shoulder length hairstyles 2014 are already famous among women now as they cannot wait to do experiments with their hair in the coming year. We saw in the last year the trend of hairstyles varied from braids to messy buns, from straight ironed hair to waves in full length. In times where women tried to cut their hair short and have a cute pixie look, at same time few wore their hair with its natural flow of curls or long bob.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014 Medium Bob Celebrity

Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014

We are eager for year 2014 to begin and we would, love to see what trends it brings along. Up till now we have seen that most famous hairdos are of shoulder length hairstyles 2014. This is the best looking at the most popular hairstyles of current season. Where people from Anny Hathaway to Angelina Jolie all have tried bob and pixie look, people are thinking to keep this trend for 2014 as well. Be it Katharine from “grey’s anatomy” or Emma Watson all have shown you that they prefer short hair for coming up year by appearing in shoulder length hairstyles in public.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014 New Bob Haircuts

Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014

Curls and Waves till your shoulders:

Shoulder length hairstyles 2014 will glow, if you have been wondering what to do with your curly hair then cutting them till shoulder will be your best option to compete with trend. Also people with curls can go for pinning them short. Whatever you plan to do with your hair should be short till shoulder or till half back in style. Style for long hair is no more there in 2014. Now if you want to follow up fashion then having soft curls with steps or layers will look good. Previously waves were in fashion too but next year is shoulder length hairstyles 2014 and waves just won’t do. That is of course until you plan to have a hair do.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014 Medium Wavy Haircuts

Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014

Braids if your hair are long enough:

Braids though don’t count in short hair but when we talk about shoulder length hairstyles 2014braid hair dos have to be included for sure. Braids have been all in fashion for last year and are expected to be useful in 2014 as well. We are talking about short hairstyles, where braids are to be put around head or made into a bun. So what you have long air and don’t want to cut them short to be with style and current fashion. Making fish braids or French braids and letting them loose will give a short and elegant look. Simple braids can be put into style with little effort. Braids have always been in fashion no matter what so ever year and will continue to be style statement of people who wish to look elegant and sophisticated in 2014 as well.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014 Bob with Bangs

Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014

Long Bobs all over again:

Shoulder length hairstyles 2014 have bobs on top of list. Of you have viewed pictures of different fashion shows and award ceremonies you’ll notice that every next star has cut their hair shot are going for cute and feminine look with bobs, soft curls, asymmetrical long bob and steps. The thing with bob is they suit every kind of face cut, they are easy to wear and give a bold and utterly feminine look. Those times are gone where long hair was liked. If you have long hair and don’t want to cut them for just one season then school girl long bob look will do with your hair along nape. Shoulder length hairstyles 2014 is all filled with short feminine look including bold dying colors and long bobs with asymmetrical strands.

Hairstyles 2014

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