Short Hairstyles 2014

Short hairstyles 2014 shall be the loved hairstyles of all time as now women are getting more into short haircuts than before. Short hairstyles 2014 are the curios topic for many women right now. All want to know what style to follow for next year to be on top of league. Short is the slogan for 2014 for sure. All superstars have already started the trend of having short hairs by giving appearance in bobs, pixie and steps look. For you to be in fashion and spotted as fashion follower here are some of the best short hairstyles 2014 that will make you look amazing, chic feminine and bold at same time. After all 2014 is all about showing your true self to the world; be it with hairstyle, clothing or coloring your hair.

Short Hairstyles 2014

Short Hairstyles 2014

Proper shape for short:

Short hairstyles 2014 have the stylist say! If your hair is untamed then cutting them is not just an only option. The choice you will have to make for your hair is about how good you can make them look. If your hair is growing in unruly way then cutting them into proper shape and maintaining them should be your priority. If you want to know about styles to follow then you are in for no surprise as stars have already started to show off new trend for short hairstyles 2014. Fashion your hair according to what is in for short. Going for a bob might not be your only option. Try giving yourself a new look with steps that fall till your shoulder. This will give you a feminine look and suits all face shapes. Steps can be styled easily and even without setting them every day with dryer and iron they can turn out pretty well.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2014

Short Hairstyles 2014

Short hairstyles 2104 include layers and steps for the sole reason that they suit every hair type. If you have wavy or straight hair this style will surely company you. Whatever colour your hair is, they are perfect setting for every occasion.

Short Hairstyles 2014 for Women with Bangs

Short Hairstyles 2014

What to do with curls?

Great hairstyles do attract people to you. And when we talk about short hairstyles 2014 we are sure to tell you that they create an unusual image which will make an aura of bold attraction for all. We all know that people having curly hair always have problem styling them.

Short Hairstyles 2014 New Bob Haircuts

Short Hairstyles 2014

Short hairstyles 2014 have brought a solution for women having curls. As we have seen that last year was all about keeping your hair loose, whatever the texture may be. Well now the next year brings promise to solve many women’s problem for waves and curls. You can now have a bob cut as an easy way out. No matter how jumbled up your curls are, asymmetrical, long stand and straight bob will make them look good. We call these style Hollywood curls. This style with your curls giving a wild look yet the bob giving you a very feminine and chic look creates a beautiful image.  Of course you won’t be able to braid or ponytail them but there are many other things you can come up with bob of your nape length. Curly bob can be tamed into straight hair with help of iron or given a blow dry to make them into soft curls that will compliment formal occasions.

Hairstyles 2014

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