Short Hairstyles 2012

With the arrival of hot summers every one like to wear hairstyle which provides comfortable and cool feeling. In summer season everyone feel hot with long hairstyles. That’s why everyone tries to wear a suitable short hairstyle to look more cool and attractive. Short hairstyle 2012 provides you a lot of techniques to customize your hairs in short styles. Wearing short hairstyle 2012 you can enhance your personality attraction and feel more confident. You can select a matching hairstyle with your facial shape from short hairstyle 2012. There is not a complete idea for a specific shape of face; it’s depending on your complete personality look that which short hairstyle will give most perfect look.

short hairstyles 2012

Short hairstyles 2012 are more about pixie haircuts like bang and pixie haircuts and more women like them. However, only those women of small bony face wear short hairstyle 2012. The hairstyle 2012 will be most perfect for those women who have silky and straight hair textures. Famous celebrity Victoria Beckman wore her hairs in short hairstyles in such a way that smaller side of hair partition dyed bark brown and other one silver blonde. Another celebrity wears her hairstyles from hairstyles 2012 that sported a short cropped haircut.

Short hairstyles 2012 are in lot of varieties for different facial shapes. While selecting hairstyle you have to consider many factors like facial shape and hairs condition. First determine your face shape and then select hairstyle. So what type of short hair cut will suit for you?

Round Face Shapes.

Shoulder length style should be opting for round shapes face. Shorter layers around your chin will give pleasant look of your chin and cheek bones. Layers will give cute look of your face. With this style you will fell comfort light.

short hairstyles 2012

Square Face Shapes

Square shapes face look cuter with wavy hairstyles. Wavy hairstyle is so easy to wear. You have to cut your hairs around shoulder length then give it style of wavy or light curl and the hairstyle should be loose.

short hairstyles 2012

Heart Face Shapes

Heart shaped faces give naturally prettier look, so with that face uneven bob will be most suitable. A few inches difference of one side than other. Layers of one side should be shorter than other.  This hairstyle gives youthful, attractive and great look.

short hairstyles 2012

 Oval Face Shapes

Oval face shape look naturally very perfect when joined with pixie cut. This hairstyle requires low maintenance that’s why it’s best in hot summer season. You can try best matching style with your face out of hundreds of pixie styles. You have to find best one that fit your style and your attitude.

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