Modern Hairstyles 2013

Whether you have long hair or short hair you are always in need to style your hair that’s suits your personality and style. The right hairstyle can make you look younger and smarter. Modern hairstyles 2013 are well so many to try on you. For those of you who have long hair, You are lucky if you have naturally straight silky hair like Paris Hilton or the gorgeous curls girls-die-for like Katy Perry, you can leave them open for a night out or anywhere when you have no time to style for those of you who aren’t that blessed, what are curlers and straighter for?

Modern Hairstyles 2013 for girls

Modern Hairstyles 2013

Modern hairstyles 2013 need far more styling when it comes to long hair. Long hair is always in fashion however the way to carry and the hair styling keeps on changing. For a sophisticated look, you can go for braiding of different styles like braids nest which looks beautiful and feminine. This hairstyle is worn by Kristen Stewart in her latest movie Snow White and the Huntsman. You can also try the herringbone braid which looks very different and original. Try experimenting new looks, from a loose pony tail to a well settled hair style. All requires effort to look pretty which is what everyone wants.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Modern Hairstyles 2013

Modern hairstyles 2013 definitely include short hair which looks more chic and yes are very easy to carry. Though just because you got your hair short for once doesn’t mean you can get away with it! You still need to style it in a way that suits you. For those of you who are going from long hair to short, Modern hairstyles 2013 consist of short hair cut with bangs, with layers, short bob colored or the razor sharp cut recently carried by Emma Watson and she looks hot!

Modern Hairstyles 2013 Short

Modern Hairstyles 2013

Coloring the hair is one of the latest trends however the colors for highlighting your hair should be fun and flirty and bold like orange, pink, purple or red highlights. You can also experiment your hair styling by paneling, dip dyeing or chunky highlighting but if you don’t think you are that wild to change you’re completely, then just go for either tips or subtle highlights only. So don’t be afraid to try something new in the coming year you might become a trendsetter. Remember, a new hairstyle or hair color can change your personality completely so if you’re having a personality crises or have gotten bored from your look, it’s time to get up and experiment with your hair style.

Modern hairstyles 2013 are all about how you carry it and look gorgeous whether it’s an elegant bun, a limp pony tail or open hair straight of wavy.         Short Hairstyles

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