Medium Hairstyles 2014

Medium hairstyles 2014 are going to be the best for women and the ones with medium length hair can experiment with many looks in the season to complement their overall appearance and personality.

Medium Hairstyles 2014

Medium Hairstyles 2014

2014 is the year where all breezy hairstyles and shorter and medium lengths are in fashion. If you have medium length hair and want to try something new then read on for medium hairstyles 2014 to know what will be in trend in the coming summer. Medium length hairstyles are the perfect look for the summer season where it keeps the feminine look and too long can be annoying.

Medium Hairstyles 2014 Celebrity

Medium Hairstyles 2014

One of the medium hairstyles 2014 is the romantic waves hairdo where a whimsical texture is given to soft and healthy hair. Strands need to be curled loosely and perfectly for a shoulder grazing look. In order to style the hair, damp your hair using a smoothing cream. Also, apply a little shine serum for a shiny, sleek look. Then, dry the hair using a round brush trying to make it as smooth as possible. When done, use a broad curling rod to add curls to your shiny hair. A 1.25 inches curling iron is preferable because it will make loose curls. After you have curled all the hair, finger comb the strands for a wavy look. This is one of the medium hairstyles 2014 that suits all face shapes and straight and wavy hair is the best type to try this style on.

Medium Hairstyles 2014 for Straight Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2014

Medium hairstyles 2014 for the summer look will definitely include the silky straight hair in gorgeous shades of blonde. This is the sandy style and a little blonde hue adds interest in the hairstyle. The length ends right at the shoulders and the layers have a beautiful face-framing cut. The hair at the back can be one specific medium length or many layers of different lengths. Side swept bangs can also add more dimension to the overall look. For achieving this look, damp your hair with straightening products and then blow dry well using a paddle brush. Try to blow dry bangs straight downwards because it will help in ironing them later. Use a flat iron to smooth out the hair and give a well defined sleek and straightened finish. This look will suit well on oval shaped faces especially with longer forward bangs.

Medium Hairstyles 2014 Wavy

Medium Hairstyles 2014

Another appealing look amongst the medium hairstyles 2014 is going to be the wispy ends. It is best for a brunette hair color but will look good on other hair colors as well. The layers are cut a little below the chin and they frame the face for a perfect look. The wispy ends touch the shoulders for a medium length hairstyle if it has been styled properly. To style the hair, detangle hair using a comb and part hair. Then damp the hair using straightening creams and blow dry using a paddle brush. This will smooth the hair while drying. Afterwards, take a flat iron and smooth hair at the top strand by strand. For the wispy ends, turn the iron outwards a little to give and outwards edge. It is recommended to utilize anti-frizz hair products to get the flawless smooth appearance. For this hairstyle, a round face shape is ideal and the wispy edges elongate the face along with the medium length hair.

Hairstyles 2014

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