Hair Color 2014

Hair color 2014 trends are also changes as the hairstyling trend is changing. The season 2014 will be very trendy not only with the bold and exciting haircuts but with also a range of amazing hair colors that will allow you to create a nontraditional and bold image.  The 2014 trends in hairstyles include some best designs that will make everything seem classy.  If you want to have the best hair color in 2014, then look at the best hair color for 2014 and select the one you love the most.

Hair Color 2014 Dark Purple

Hair Color 2014

In the recent times, the hair gurus often have represented pastel hair colors that include pastel pink, green, blue, orange and other likewise shades that look both elegant and daring. Such colors are not good for the dark skin tones and it is not possible for everyone to pull  of such colors. However, if you thing you can pull it off, then you should go to a hair colorist who will give the best pastel tone you desire.

Hair Color 2014 Blonde

Hair Color 2014

Latest hair coloring methods and techniques of  hair dying will give a perfect chance to get the most unimaginable and daring design.  It can be a combination of more shades or a block colors. Select the design that is best for your face.

Kirsten Stewart Auburn Red Hair Color 2014

Hair Color 2014

Apart from the pastel color tones, hair color for 2014 trends is filled with vibrant and bright colors that meant to enhance the natural hair color.  It does not mean that the natural hair colors are not exciting but it is also not good for the ones who do not like to blend well with the crowd.

Hair Color 2014 Blonde

Hair Color 2014

You can also opt for natural hair coloring techniques if you want to adopt a nice shade without damaging your hair much.   If you want to adopt the blonde hair color, then it is also very simple. Blond hair color is the famous hair color in all times and it is a fact that no one can ever deny. The most of the seductive and stylish women from the Hollywood have the best blonde hair and this is the reason that this color never goes out of the trend. For the summer season, you can select some natural tones such as golden caramel, dirty or sandy with a brown undertone. Additionally, these hair color tones will be best for the sun kissed skin and this why you should opt for this shade if you a skin like that.

Red hair color

One of the most seductive hair colors is red tone. It is as seductive as blonde shade. Red hair shade is on the more natural side. It gives a perfect innocent shade combined with the ceramic skin.  There is nothing better than a red hair color if you know how to carry it.  Hair color for 2014 gives you a perfect idea of the latest hair colors that will be trending in the year 2014.

Hair Color 2014 Auburn Red

Hair Color 2014

Brunette color

Hair color for 2014 and natural color ideas also include brunette color  and it proves to be the best choice for the ones who want a low maintenance hair color.  This color does not require much maintenance as compared to the blonde and it also lasts longer if you have darker hair.

Hairstyles 2014

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