Black Hairstyles 2014

Black hairstyle 2014 trends change every year like all other fashion trends. If you wish to adopt a bold look and flaunt the black beauty, change something in your hairstyle and people will definitely notice the transform. So here is a little helpful fashion advice on black hairstyles 2014 that you will witness in fashion shows in the coming year. These hairstyles will most likely become trends like they always do.

Black Hairstyles 2014

Black Hairstyles 2014

The reverse ponytail is one of the black hairstyles 2014 that will be seen a lot on models this year around. It gives the effect of a high bun and straight bangs on the forehead. However, if you see more closely, it is a ponytail that is brought forward to the forehead and is falling neatly over it. Putting pins strategically keeps the hair flat against the head.

Black Hairstyles 2014 are unique and can be made easily for casual lunches as well as party nights. Besides this one, the black hairstyles 2014 include the uneven bob too and it is a very bold hairstyle that has been seen on the ramp before and will be in trend this year too. Be aware that it is not advisable to unevenly cut your hair so if you want this look, preferably get a wig of any color you like and trim the fringe in two lengths and you are good to go. This is a party look but you can definitely carry it off on dinners with asymmetric attire.

Black Curly Hairstyles 2014

Black Hairstyles 2014

Black hairstyles 2014 that will be seen on the runway will certainly have the straight sleek look. This hairstyle has many different types and forms. Simply straight is the incredibly sleek look where each strand has been carefully flat ironed and the hair is swooped away from the face because the shine is it just so distracting. Another nice look is center parted hair when it is straightened because it enhances the symmetry of the face and the features. Also, with the straightened hair an easy-to-make ponytail can be made too. It will give a more formal look and if the hair is too long to be kept untied and straightened, this straight ponytail is definitely a good choice.

Black Long Bob Hairstyles 2014

Black Hairstyles 2014

Another of the more interesting black hairstyles 2014 are those with streaks of colors and highlights. This look is also very chic and audacious and will be experimented a lot by hairstylists. The streaks that will be in trend will be colors that do not easily blend in your natural hue. The colors of dyed streaks should be noticeable in tied hair as well untied styles. Extensions can be clipped on as well for these streaks’ style. Another hair color trend that will be back in fashion would be the two toned hairstyles. You can first try a contrast with a wig and see how it suits you. You must always ask your hairstylist about hair colors and what will look nice on your complexion. While browns and red look good on darker skins, white is also a bold hair color that is carried off well by the models in fashion shows.

Black Hairstyles 2014 for Short Hair

Black Hairstyles 2014

Black hairstyles 2014 on the fashion runway will be more towards the bolder look rather than safe styling and these will be seen in magazines and popular fashion shows as well.

Hairstyles 2014

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