2014 Short Hairstyles

Be it men or women it will be all about 2014 short hairstyles. Long is no more in fashion. If you have long hair then curling them or making them into a bun or ponytail will work if you think of coping up with latest trends. Mostly adapted hairstyles for previous year were waves in short as well as long hair, loose curls, ponytails and Wet look. Some of these are not likely to be followed in next year whereas few will be continued to be the style statement in 2014. We determine trend likely to be followed for 2014 short hairstyles is of bobs and steps and braids with bun.

2014 Short Hairstyles

2014 Short Hairstyles

Next season is all about bold and feminine. If you are willing to go according to trend then you are in for more than just regular cut. For next year stars have already started to set trends of mostly pixie look to be followed by young stars like Emma Watson and Annie Hathaway. These superstars have shown that coloring your hair blond or brunette won’t matter as long as it is short. Also famous actress like Katharine, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have shown that bright colour dying and soft curls with bob will make you look even more pleasant. For 2014 short hairstyles is all we are going to see whether on ramp or on runway or red carpet!

2014 Short Hairstyles 2014

2014 Short Hairstyles

Braids are still going to work:

2014 sort hairstyle though don’t include braids but they will remain in fashion for those who are yet not willing to go for short hairs. Braids are in fashion because they can be easily turned and twisted into knots. If you work properly with braids then making them elegant will take no time that will accompany any party or dinner for next year. However messy braids are no longer liked. “Just out of bed look” was quite good last year and worked for many who didn’t wish to do much with their hair but this year you will have to make a neat chinigon or bun with braids to accompany. Accessories with hair are obviously your choice.

2014 Short Hairstyles Braided

2014 Short Hairstyles

Bobs and Steps are in:

Bobs as you know are currently the real fashion. Even actresses who used to flaunt their long curls masses have cut their hair short for a new better look that will continue to be their style for next year as well. So 2014 short hairstyles have bob as their prime motive. You can either have asymmetrical long bob with highlights or small bob with soft curls. Obviously if you have a round face then going for short bob won’t do and adding steps to it for your front cut will be necessary to hide chubby cheeks. You can also have long steps but that will not count as bob fashion. 2014 short hairstyles have also promoted highlights and bold dying colors that will accompany your short hair in every way possible. So next year will be all about being utterly feminine yet showing the bold you.

2014 Short Bob Hairstyles

2014 Short Hairstyles

Pixie Look:

2014 short hairstyles’ Pixie look is for those with petite features. If you have delicate face then going for pixie look will make you look good, otherwise it is just going to make your hair short and unavailable till you can have your next cut. Pixie looks with brunette or blond are the topper.

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