2014 Layered Haircuts

2014 Layered haircuts adds the fabulous look to lifeless locks in the hair and it looks like a fresh change on hair that has been of one length for too long. Layers certainly add more movement and interest to your haircut and there are many different styles and shapes that you can experiment with to get a chic look. Here is a summary of fashion advice on the 2014 layered Haircuts which will make the hair appear more voluminous, be easier to style and add body to the hair that otherwise looked boring.

2014 Layered Haircuts for Short Hair

2014 Layered Haircuts

2014 layered haircuts is going to be a trendy hairstyle for curly hair. Round and curly hair looks well defined with layers. These are required to give the out of control curls, a shape and also remove some weight especially at the ends that can look extremely untidy if left in one length. The layers are maximized around the face and at the front. If the hair is not naturally curls, then in order to style the 2014 layered haircuts for curls, apply curl cream throughout damp hair. Then taking different sizes of hair sections twist the hair and use a diffuser to dry hair. Leave a little moisture at the end to avoid frizz and then gently open the twists. Apply hair spray to keep the layered curls intact.

Ashley Greene 2014 layered Haircuts for Long Hair

2014 Haircuts for Long Hair

Another 2014 layered haircuts is the long layers that have volume at every layer. Longer hair can look dull and boring if kept at one length so layers will help add shape to the hair and also give it movement making it interesting. Longer layers begin below the chin and they are cut in such a way that they add volume at the mid-length and the ends of the hair as well. For styling these layers, apply mousse to damp hair and then blow dry using a paddle brush. Then use a one-inch curling rod and wrap hair vertically. Once the curl is made, comb through it with fingers. It gives a more natural look to the styled layers. Finally put hairspray to hold the style. This hairstyle will work for hair of all densities and all sorts of face shapes as well.

Selena Gomez 2014 Layered Haircuts

2014 Layered Haircuts

Besides the above, the 2014 layered haircuts will also include the retro layers for the classy and feminine look. These layers look appealing to the eyes because of the longer layers in the back and smaller face-framing ones at the front. The hairstyle looks extremely classy and stirs up interest if it has been styled well.

2014 Layered Haircuts for Medium Hair

2014 Layered Haircuts

To achieve the perfect look you need to start with dry hair. Taking small sections near the nape of the neck, start to curl the hair with a one-inch curling rod. After the curl is made, recoil it and secure it using a bobby pin. Do the same with the layers at the sides by curling them towards the face. Continue to do this with all the hair and in the end mist it with a hairspray. Then remove the bobby pins and finger comb the hair lightly and twist curls together too. After applying a shine enhancing serum, the hair is set for any occasion.

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