2014 Hairstyles

2014 hairstyles add more grace and charm in your outlook. Only a beautiful outfit will not make your makeover perfect. 2014 Hairstyles have been varying a lot this previous season with all kinds mixed. We had long and short bobs, pixie look, curls, wet look, waves, braid and ponytails. All these have been limited to few for next season. Though fashion has changed a little for men but is quite same for women. We have been seeing women with all kinds of hair dying and cutting. This season the dying will remain to blond or neon colors. For boys the fashion gurus say that they have to keep their hair a little longer. Giving them a tousled look or setting them with wax or gel will be trend.  So here are 2014 Hairstyles that will be most likely followed.

2014 Hairstyles Long Curly

2014 Hairstyles

Bob in Fashion:

Bob cut has always been in fashion for all. It suits all kinds of face cuts and colour of hair. If you have a round face the having a long bob with asymmetrical partition will make your cheekbones look thinner. If you are going for a chic look then bob that is short and parted neatly with volume will accompany your face as well as style. Bob has always been in fashion and will remain for 2014 hairstyles! This season pixie look with nest small trimmed hair and bobs will take up the entire floor. Also bob with soft curls or steps will make you younger style statement.

Vanessa Hudgens 2014 Hairstyles Bob

2014 Hairstyles


2014 hairstyles have braids on top of list. If you don’t wish to have a haircut or particular styling of entire season the braiding is one of the easiest and coolest options. There is no particular kind that is in trend. Having a proper braid though is nowhere near fashion people. You can always choose to style your hair with messy or neat fish braid. Decorate it with neon ribbons or flowers for a younger touch. If you are thinking to opt for a more formal touch then braiding your hair and putting them into perfect bun at top of head is also an option. Another way is messy normal braids; these will give you teenage worry free image. Recently many ramps walk included braids fashioned with elegant dresses.

2014 Hairstyles Bridal

2014 Hairstyles


As we know that ponytails can never be out of fashion. 2014 hairstyles had a must to include them. Ponytails are simple and easy to do. Whether you are dealing with long hair or short, putting them into a pony is your most sophisticated and easiest choice. A loose ponytail is considered casual while tight low ponytail is preferred as professional. The fashion for 2014 hairstyles will not include high ponies. Maybe later for winter they are preferred but current trend doesn’t support it.

2014 Hairstyles Long Wavy

2014 Hairstyles

Waves and Wet Look:

2014 hairstyles also include leaving your hair the way they are. This trend is also followed in current year and will be carried forward to next year. Reason being that it is easy to do and doesn’t take up lot of time to tame hair. Wet neat look is also in trend but still limited to ramp walks and elite parties only.

Hairstyles 2014

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