2014 Haircuts

2014 is a great year for Fashion, Style and Brands industry as many new cliche and types of fashion designing, clothing and hairstyling are discovering. We hope the best for 2014, as many models, fashion icons and movie stars have debut entirely new types of hairstyles and some have kept their same signature hairstyles. In this article, possible future trend of 2014 haircuts are discussed.

2014 Haircuts

2014 Haircuts


2014 haircuts will never be completed without of the most popular, successful and vintage haircut which is no other then “Braids”. Braid haircut can never go out of the fashion and can never lose their charm and attraction. 2014 will be no exception to it. Braids are one of those hairstyles which are extremely easy to do and have several variations. With a little practice and concentration, anyone can master this haircut. This haircut is suitable for both medium and long hair, and also with shorter hair length but with the help of hair extensions. It is a very sophisticated hairstyle which has been used by many models and actresses including Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Blake Lively.

2014 Haircuts 2014

2014 Haircuts


Parting is the oldest haircut which has been used in almost every era starting from the age of Princess Cleopatra to the latest Princess Kate. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be added to 2014 Haircuts. Anyone who wears this hairstyle seems to become more sophisticated and graceful. No matter what the hair color is, parting suits every hair texture, colour and length. This is the only haircut which is common between men and women. In 2014 there are multitude ways to use the traditional parting or modify it for the new season. Recently, Vogue asked its favorite hairdressers for their advice on wearing the Parting Hairstyle which clearly states its importance in the modern times. The latest trend for parting in 2014 fall winter season is wearing it on longer lengths of hair, straight without any accessories, so get booking those keratin treatments.

2014 Haircuts

2014 Haircuts


2014 haircuts will remain incomplete if we don’t mention the All-Famous Bangs, which were introduced about 5 years ago and soon it became everyone’s favourite as it suits every face structure, hair length and colour. It even looks beautiful on those hairs which are neither too long nor too short and are often considered as uninteresting and unattractive. In 2014 Bangs will be modified to a larger extend, like longer bangs, shorted bangs, fringes, choppy, stratified and layers which will surely seem gorgeous on mid lengths and various texture and character.

Uneven Bob

The original bob was square, typically cut straight at jaw-level or shoulder-length along with clean lines which is fashioned by a fringe. In 2014 haircuts, the typical and traditional bob has been highly modified and now asymmetric or Uneven Bob Haircut is the fashion. It is one the most used hairstyles and also has the most demand in Showbiz and Film industry. Further edition to make this legendary haircut even more fashionable is by fusing it with bangs or choppy layers or by adding texture according to seasonal variation.

2014 Haircuts Bob

2014 Haircuts

Pixie Crop

Thanks to Rihanna and Emma Watson, Pixie haircut has become the most famous and loved haircut of 2013 so we think that the trend will continue to 2014 haircuts. This haircut has got no edition or modification yet as it only suits people with cute, little and pointed facial features along with smooth hair texture which is a quite rare combination.

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