2014 Haircuts for Women

2014 Haircuts for Women – In the last decade, fashion industry experienced new heights, fame along with numerous innovations. Same was with haircuts, from 2000 onwards, most of the old haircuts were brought again into fashion and many new styles of haircuts were introduced in the fashion industry. Majority of these were for women. Carrying on the same trend from last year, 2014 haircuts for women will be mainly based on those which are used by Film industry Stars and Fashion Models.

2014 Haircuts for Women Celebrity Pixie

2014 Haircuts for Women


Ponytails have a very rich history in the fashion industry as every actress and model used to wear it without worrying about the texture and length of hair. 2014 will be no different to Ponytail haircut. This style is currently used by Jennifer Anniston, Gal Gadot and also by top models in different fashion shows. Ponytails have made the list of 2014 haircuts for women as it now comes with a wide range of modifications and advancement. Bangs in front along with ponytail or braid on top with a short ponytail is the new fashion.


2014 haircuts for women cannot be completed without mentioning the latest fashion and craze in the fashion industry which is no other then the Pixie Haircut. Since Rihanna, Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway have used the Pixie haircut, this hairstyle is becoming everyone’s favorite and is rapidly taking over the fashion industry. It is haircuts which suites only those faces which are smallish have soft features and have a petite jaw-line or they are somewhat similar to Emma’s face. Once you get a Pixie haircut, it can be made unique by wearing a hair band or dyeing the hair with multi-shades of same color.

2014 Haircuts for Women Pixie Haircut

2014 Haircuts for Women


Parting has always been a hairstyle which is followed by almost all working women and even many models and actress as it is very easy to manage and has a number of beautiful variations. Parting will always be in fashion and will be also be present in 2014 haircuts for women. Paris Hilton, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie, all have used parting haircut in the past.

2014 Haircuts for Women Black Side Parted Long

2014 Haircuts for Women


2014 haircuts for women will also include the most common hairstyle from last year, “the Layers”. Layers became famous because of the numerous modifications and variations which can be done to it. Almost every actress has used this haircut but with their own personal signature variation like some had layers haircut with hair colour variations, had a symmetric layers or used layers with medium choppy layered hairstyles. Layers always look gorgeous and attractive no matter what the length and hair texture one has.

Ashley Greene 2014 Haircuts for Women

2014 Haircuts for Women

Smooth & Simple

The key to have amazing looks and still manage to seem sophisticated is by keeping haircut smooth and simple. It is a common observation that many models and actress don’t use a simple haircut but it is due to the fact that they have top-notch hair dresser which are being paid to make these models look amazing. A simple girl or woman cannot afford to waste a great amount of time on only hairstyles. Therefore the smooth and simple haircut will also be the part of list of 2014 haircuts for women. Just dye your hair in a different colour other than usual or add a few curls to this haircut and you would find yourself prettier than before.

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